PNP4Nagios - 0.4 continues

Long, long time ago I can still remember...

New packages available:

I'm also working on 0.6 (more work than I thought) - stay tuned!

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great job!

A few little things that could be better:
SSI for popups
Inside the package the file "status-header.ssi" is missing, this file I had to get from source and copy it to "/usr/share/nagios3/htdocs/ssi" (thanks to my rewrite rule, no content changes are required)

Apache Config
The next lines should be inserted at the beginning of /etc/pnp4nagios/apache.conf (not sure if this really belongs to the package, but this rule has saved me a lot of work in a lots of files...)
# rwrs for pnp
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/nagios/pnp [NC]
RewriteRule ^/nagios/pnp(.*) /pnp4nagios$1 [R,NC,L]


Cheers Lars

init-script errors

Thanks for the package. I think there are some errors in /etc/init.d/pnp4nagios

--- pnp4nagios.old 2009-10-15 17:35:32.000000000 +0200
+++ pnp4nagios 2009-10-15 17:36:18.000000000 +0200
@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@
# No pidfile, probably no daemon present
[ ! -f "$PIDFILE" ] && return 1
pid=`cat $PIDFILE`
- running_pid $pid $DAEMON_WRAPPER || return 1
+ running_pid $pid $DAEMON || return 1
return 0

@@ -131,13 +131,13 @@
if [ -z "$DAEMONUSER" ] ; then
start-stop-daemon --stop --quiet --pidfile $PIDFILE \
--exec $DAEMON
- errcode=$
+ errcode=$?
# if we are using a daemonuser then look for process that match
start-stop-daemon --stop --quiet --pidfile $PIDFILE \
--user $DAEMONUSER \
--exec $DAEMON
- errcode=$
+ errcode=$?

return $errcode

Vielen Dank, klasse

Vielen Dank, klasse Arbeit!

Nur ein kleiner Schönheitsfehler:

In /etc/pnp4nagios/apache.conf ist der Alias auf /pnp4nagios gesetzt, obwohl im Rest des Pakets alles auf /nagios/pnp referenziert wird.


But access to the package for etch gives a "403-Forbidden".

Lenny package upgrade from 0.4.12 - no problemo!

Re: Thx

> But access to the package for etch gives a "403-Forbidden".

Erm... yes...

Should be fixed ;-)



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