SambaXP 2008 Conference - Day 1

  • Schlomo Schapiro - The Simple High Available Linux File Server
    • Real hardware as primary server, "virtual cold stand-by server"
    • Local storage and SAN
    • GPT for Partitions bigger than 2TB
    • Nice implementation of cold stand-by cluser
  • Oliver Tennert - Parallel NFS
    • HPC: More and more data
    • More nodes, more nodes, more throuput
    • Not a good solution: Cluster NFS
    • Distributed File Systems: IBM's GPFS, SGI's CXFS, PanFS, PVFS2, ...
    • NFSv4 includes everything a network file system needs (NFSv3 does NOT)
    • pNFS optional part of NFS 4.1
    • Separtion of metadata path/server and data path/server
    • SAP (Storage Access Protocoll) not specified, incompatible clients get data from metadata server
    • Current state: "should work", many layouts on the way
  • Steve French: From DFS to Kerberos: Update on Linux CIFS client
    • Kerberos support on way into the kernel
    • Apple symlinks over CIFS are the 4th way to do it
    • Setting up all stuff needed and/or supported by NFSv4 is a pain in ...
  • Jelmer Vernooij, Andrew Bartlett: Samba 4, where are we now?
    • Samba 4 Alpha 3 released 2 weeks ago, announcement mail gets eaten...
    • More than TechPreview, basic features completed, useable for SOME environments, needs more testers
    • No more EJS, Python rulZ! ;-) And GNU Make
    • Much work done in LDB subsystem/internal database: Subtree rename, sort of grouo policy, (some) schema validation
    • Autoconfiguration of backend (OpenLDAP)
    • SWAT disabled due to JS->Python, SoC project
    • MMC works and some group policy
    • Beta at end of THIS year! AD DC, file search, AD Member
    • What would stop YOU using Samba 4?
  • Andrew Bartlett: The little shop of horrors: AD's notation of LDAP
    • AD "based on" LDAP, an IETF standard protocol to access a standard X.509 directory
    • AD's schema is different: AD CN is not LDAP CN (multi values), AD top hast 75 new elements, ...
    • No DNS and NTP in Samba 4 but ideas how it could/should work
  • Volker Lendecke: Samba 3.2 Infrastructure changes
    • Un-/Marshalling code moved to PIDL
    • One overall cache for nearly everything
    • 3.2 is slower than 3.0 (much more malloc())
    • Solution: remove malloc() calls, use talloc_*() instead
  • Jelmer Vernooij: RPC scripting using Python
    • Samba 3.0 had already Python bindings
    • Switch now to stop people from coding EJS (may be removed later)
    • More potential developer with Python
    • PIDL generates Python bindings
    • Python/SoC: smbclient, SWAT, Samba-GTK
    • At the moment use "smbpython"
    • python-ldb/python-tdb already in Debian/Ubuntu
    • Jelmer: "Next version of Perl has unicode operators..."
    • Tridge: "I have a purpose in life! Telling people how to resize fonts in xterms!"

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