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SparkleShare and host (my) your own git server

This is not a complete tutorial but a list of steps (I hope all needed) to get it working

  1. Install SparkleShare on client
    Download source from (look at the news!) Look at the README for required packages!
    tar xzf sparkleshare-0.2-beta1.tar.gz
    cd sparkleshare-0.2-beta1
    ./configure --prefix=/opt/sparkleshare
    sudo make install
  2. Prepare directories and start SparkeShare
    As user:
    % cd
    % mkdir -p SparkleShare/.tmp
    % /opt/sparkleshare/bin/sparkleshare &

    Let it create a new SSH key for you.
  3. Stop SparkleShare
    There's a menu for it... ;-) You don't need to add a remote repository here.
  4. Find your SparkeShare-SSH-Public-Key
    % cd ~/.config/sparkleshare
    % cat *.pub ### You need the contents for the next step
  5. On your own SparkleShare-Git-Server
    % sudo adduser --disabled-password USERNAME
    % cd ~USERNAME
    % sudo mkdir .ssh
    % sudo vi .ssh/authorized_keys ### Copy&Paste your SparkleShare-SSH-Public-Key
    % sudo mkdir FooBar.git
    % sudo cd FooBar.git
    % sudo git init .
    % sudo touch README
    % sudo git add README
    % sudo git commit -m "Initial commit"
    % cd ..
    % sudo chown -R USERNAME .
  6. Clone your git repository on the client
    As user:
    % cd ~/SparkleShare
    % git clone USERNAME@SERVER:FooBar.git
  7. Start SparkleShare
    % /opt/sparkleshare/bin/sparkleshare &
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