Extend host search in Nagios navigation frame

Just a small patch to add

Step by Step:

* Download my small patch file ["Nagios_Nav_Autocomplete.diff" (from source, no custom paths)](/static/Nagios_Nav_Autocomplete.diff) or ["Nagios_Nav_Autocomplete.Debian.diff" (for Debian packages)](/static/Nagios_Nav_Autocomplete.Debian.diff)

* `cd` to `/usr/local/nagios/share/` for self compiled Nagios or `/usr/share/nagios3/htdocs/` (Debian)

* If `patch --dry-run </path/to/download/Nagios_Nav_Autocomplete.diff` gives you no error try without "`\--dry-run`"

* If PNP is **not** in `/nagios/pnp/` (URL!) change `side.html`'s paths to PNP in lines 24, 25 and 212.

* Reload left frame of Nagios

* Enter at least 3 characters

* Be happy ;-)

If it doesn't work:

* Check if you **reloaded** the left frame and your browser knows the patched `side.html`

* Make sure there are no 404 (file not found) errors in your Apache logfiles (correct paths to PNP)