Patch for Nagios Business Process AddOn (NagiosBP) to use Merlin/MySQL-DB

[UPDATE 2009-11-01]
This patch is obsoleted by NagiosBP 0.9.4 Everything (including a small fix to my patch) you need is in the release!
[/UPDATE 2009-11-01]

Some participants of my "Nagios Advanced" training/workshop want(ed) to use Nagios Business Process AddOn with a Merlin/MySQL database. So I had a look at the source code of NagiosBP and I must say: Good job, Bernd!

It was REALLY easy to add another backend to it and now play with NagiosBP and Merlin.

[UPDATE 2009-07-07]
Hey you guys out there! I see really many downloads of this patch (no bots or search engines!) but I didn't get any feedback! So... please send me some feedback - "W00t! Works!" IS feedback ;-)
[/UPDATE 2009-07-07]

Steps by step:

      * Download [NagiosBP](, untar

      * `patch <nagiosbp_merlin-support.diff` ([diff file attached to this blog post](/static/nagiosbp_merlin-support.diff))

      * Install as usal

      * In `ndo.cfg` set `ndo=merlin` and your MySQL parameters

      * Have fun!