SambaXP 2008 Conference - Day 0

OK, here I am at Göttingen. Just waiting for the first talks.

I'll try to report continuously so check back later.


Welcome notes and Key note

  * John Terpstra talking about Samba history: "We become fat, dump ... and happy. It's a little bit like life, isnt it?"

  * John Terpstra: "When will Samba 4 be released, Andrew?" - Andrew Bartlet: "End of the year!" - Masses: "Which year?"

  * Volker Lendecke asked Dirk Hohndel "Please plug in the beamer cable!" - "No, turn off the beamer! I have no slides! This here (pointing to his laptop) is only for monitoring the stock exchange when market opens..."

  * Dirk Hohndel: "80% of open source projects have 1-3 developers... and 1-3 users..."

  * Dirk Hohndel about licenses: "What are 10 lawyers at bottom of sea?... Yes, you're right: a good start!"


Tridge - Samba and the PFIF
Title changed to "Samba and Microsoft"

  * Good cooperation with M$ in 1990's, bad/less cooperation starting in about 1999

  * M$ does more than they have to (releases documentation publicly! Open cooperation)

  * PFIF (Protocol Freedom Information Foundation) makes documentation (incl. updates for at least 5 years) availably under NDA - but GPL compatible

  * "5 years is a long time. Maybe Google bought M$ by this time... who knows?"

  * M$ has to cope with Samba bugs - in appliances and embedded devices

  * Now: technical cooperation, lawyers are now sidelined. Both sides participating in numberous events

  * Skill set required which is needed to develop Samba has changed. Documentation of the protocoll is available now!

  * ... but it takes at big bunch of time to implement all the information


Wolfgang Grieskamp (M$) - Model-Based Quality Assurance of the SMB2 Protocol Document
I saw some of the slides before the talk... OMG! What will happen to the people in here? This will be a REAL Power Point Picture Show :o(
Yes, the slides are a kind of... "marketing" but the information he gives seem to be really good!

  * 250 protocols, about 30k pages of documentation

  * Writing documentation, vendor developing model and test suite (no internal knowledge). Usability of documentation proven.

  * SMB2: 300 pages documentation, 3000 requirements for the test suite

  * No deadlines! There's something to fix? Fix it! Don't release!

Looks like M$ is interessted in producing high quality documentation for their protocols!


Julien Kerihuel - When OpenChange assimilates the Borg

  * OpenChange: OSS implementation of the Exchange server and protocols. Interoperability and documentation. Build upon Samba4 infrastructure

  * libmapi as client side library ("Outlook replacement")

  * OpenChange server implements MAPI/NSPI providers but no message storage yet

  * As a client nearly everthing (most common) works with Exchange 2007(?)

  * Main focus on providing libraries, helping other projects with libmapi (Evolution-Plugin, KDE4)

  * No Thunderbird (at the moment!), Google SoC: fetchmail, Akondai

  * Libmapi API fully documented! And more documentation!

  * Libmapiadmin for administrating user on Exchange server

  * MOCABOX as application box, integration with other OSS

  * Now: more time to code on OpenChange server