SparkleShare and host (my) your own git server

This is not a complete tutorial but a list of steps (I hope all needed) to get it working

Install SparkleShare on client

Download source from (look at the news!) Look at the README for required packages!

% tar xzf sparkleshare-0.2-beta1.tar.gz
% cd sparkleshare-0.2-beta1
% ./configure --prefix=/opt/sparkleshare
% make
% sudo make install

Prepare directories and start SparkeShare

As user:

% cd
% mkdir -p SparkleShare/.tmp
% /opt/sparkleshare/bin/sparkleshare &

Let it create a new SSH key for you.

Stop SparkleShare

There's a menu for it... ;-) You don't need to add a remote repository here.

Find your SparkeShare-SSH-Public-Key

% cd ~/.config/sparkleshare
% cat *.pub

You need the contents for the next step

On your own SparkleShare-Git-Server

% sudo adduser --disabled-password USERNAME
% sudo mkdir .ssh
% sudo vi .ssh/authorized_keys ### Copy&Paste your SparkleShare-SSH-Public-Key
% sudo mkdir FooBar.git
% sudo cd FooBar.git
% sudo git init .
% sudo touch README
% sudo git add README
% sudo git commit -m "Initial commit"
% cd ..
% sudo chown -R USERNAME .

Clone your git repository on the client

As user:

% cd ~/SparkleShare
% git clone USERNAME@SERVER:FooBar.git

Start SparkleShare

% /opt/sparkleshare/bin/sparkleshare &