Upgrade! Upgrade! Upgrade!

http://people.teamix.net/~svelt/debian/ has some new packages:

* [.../etch/nagios3/current/](http://people.teamix.net/~svelt/debian/etch/nagios3/current/) now has **3.0rc3**

* [.../etch/pnp/current/](http://people.teamix.net/~svelt/debian/etch/pnp/current/) is updated to 0.4.7

* [.../etch/ndoutils/current/](http://people.teamix.net/~svelt/debian/etch/ndoutils/current/): Added a init.d-Script, thanks to Oliver Boos!

* [.../etch/nrpe/current/](http://people.teamix.net/~svelt/debian/etch/nrpe/current/) is an initial backport of NRPE. Needed for multiline output with Nagios 3. Be careful! More testing needed!

And a little Add-On for all AMD64-Users:

Have a look at http://people.teamix.net/~svelt/debian/etch64/! But beware! These packages are not well tested! They may eat your cat or dog... or both! ;-)