Nagios 3.0b7, PNP 0.4.4


Here we go: Nagios 3.0Beta7 and PNP 0.4.4! Tested, works for me ;-)

If you always want to use my "current" (read: tested in my installations) packages just put these lines in your sources.list:

deb ./
deb ./
deb ./

Have fun & send feeback!

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sources pnp

vielleicht peile ich es nicht wirklich, aber ich mußte die sourcen anpassen.
von: deb ./
zu: deb ./

Vergib einem Nagios-Anfänger


nagios-pnp_0.4.4-1_i386.deb works fine for me on etch with nagios2.10-1, but now I need it for AMD64.
Can you create one or show me an easy way to build one myself?
Right now I'll try to use the i386.deb on my amd64-machine.

Building PNP for amd64

Hi there!

Maybe I should install a Debian/AMD64 in an virtual machine here, but I don't see so many advantages running 64-Bit on my servers (no need for extra-big memory ;-). Here we go with the instructions:

# dget -x
# cd nagios-pnp-0.4.4
# dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc

If everythings works you should get a "nagios-pnp_0.4.4-1_amd64.deb". If not, mail me at the Maintainer address listed in the package (file "debian/control").

Good luck and Bye!


Building PNP for amd64

Although like not exactly in your little howto, I made it. It's working fine now.
If you like I can send you the amd64-deb.

I would really appreciate to have nagios-pnp in Debian soon.
What are the impediments?
If you need sponsoring I can arrange that.

Building PNP for amd64

Hi You!

What was wrong in my mini-HowTo?

About having PNP in Debian: I want more feedback if the package works well. Yes, I know that this seems to be a problem - not in Debian, no feedback. And first I want to talk to the DDs in the Nagios-Debian team if one of them is willing to sponsor the upload. They - maybe - use also PNP ;-)



PS: Please send a short mail to my Maintainer-Address. THX!

Building PNP for amd64

couldn't find the command 'dget', I only know wget.

That's how I did it on a amd64-xen-DomU:
# wget
# wget
# wget
# dpkg-source -x nagios-pnp_0.4.4-1.dsc
# cd nagios-pnp-0.4.4/
# apt-get install debhelper autotools-dev rrdtool
# dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc
Done. Easy as that.

THX very much for all your work on the nagios-pnp package.

current ndoutils

please update ndoutils-current to beta7. If running ndoutils-b6 and nagios3-b7 i got en error:

[1197367402] ndomod: NDOMOD 1.4b6 (09-27-2007) Copyright (c) 2005-2007 Ethan Galstad (
[1197367402] ndomod: I've been compiled with support for revision 306 of the internal Nagios object structures, but the Nagios daemon is currently using revision 307. I'm going to unload so I don't cause any problems...
[1197367402] Error: Function nebmodule_init() in module '/usr/lib/nagios/ndoutils/ndomod-3x.o' returned an error. Module will be unloaded.

Ndoutils-b7 and nagios3-b7 looks to be fine.

Thank you.


NDOUtils 1.4b7 ARE there...

... but I've forgotten to update the symlink of "current". Corrected this.

Thanks for feedback!

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